Essential Oils For Knee and Joint Pain

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Are you looking for information on essential oils for joint and knee pain? There are a lot of people who have found that aromatherapy is a great way to help relieve joint pain. You can use some of the most popular essential oils on your body. These will work naturally on any area of your body that is hurting. If you are having pain in your knees, then use the following essential oils. They are great for treating joint pain.

Bergamot is one of the most popular essential oils that you will find on the market. It comes from the Palm of the Kings in Southern France. It has been used for centuries to treat skin disorders. It is a great natural alternative to chemicals that you may have prescribed to you. Aromatherapy with bergamot will help reduce the stiffness that you feel with joint pain. When it is applied to the skin, it will create a calming effect that can help relieve your tension from the pain you may be experiencing.

Basil has been used in many ways for healing and to treat various ailments. When you are suffering from joint pain, basil can help you through the healing process. It will also give you relief from the pain of inflammation. You can add some basil leaves to your bath water to maximize the benefits it has to offer.

Neroli comes from the evergreen cactus type or the citrus family, and it is known as the “flower of happiness”. This oil base is best mixed with carrier oils such as Jojoba Oil, sweet almond oil, or extra virgin coconut oil. You can apply Neroli on your skin, in your hair, or just put it on the head to help soothe and relax the mind.

Rosemary is often used as a topical treatment to fight inflammation. When using it for this purpose, it is better to not use pure rosemary oil, but instead, you can add a few drops of the essential oils of rosemary to massage into the skin. The warmth of the oil will help ease away the pain that you are feeling. The Essential Oils For Knee and Joint Pain made by The Healthy Kitchen are perfect to use on your skin.

These are just a few of the essential oils you can use on your body to remedy joint and knee pain. They provide a very safe way to help you get rid of the pain you are experiencing without using any harsh chemicals that could harm you or your knees. By using essential oils, you can quickly see results because they are natural healing herbs that can make your pain go away in just a few short hours. If you use essential oils for knee and joint pain, you are sure to notice quick and positive results for your pain.

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