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Haunted by Premarital Sex? The single best thing a man can do to ensure his marriage is a resounding success is to avoid having premarital sex. Premarital sex tears a marriage apart and, left undiagnosed, can scar a relationship for a lifetime. Talk to any woman who has had premarital sex and ask them how that relationship started and who the bad guys were…

I was just old enough to go to school when this all started. I thought that sex before marriage was fine. I believed that the sexual act was somehow separate from the vows that were made on that day in pledge of marriage. So naturally, I didn’t feel the pain that my friends felt when they got caught having premarital sex. I believed that all couples that got married in our day needed to work at their sexual relationships.

The people who have suffered the most from having sex without any real commitment are women. They have been betrayed, lied to, and felt abandoned by their husbands. Many times, these women have been unable to get past this tragedy even to remarry. Mary Magdalene and other followers of the virgin church lost purity so horribly that they haunt every Christian who marries today. They can never get over the shame that they felt when they were caught by their husband and had to choose between their marriage and their God.

As a wife, I have experienced many moments where I have longed for the forgiveness of those who betrayed my marriage. My heart has to cry out for my husband to let me live my life like everyone else does-not to only be a good wife, but to be a good Christian wife as well. It is my belief and hope that Christian husbands will do anything in their power to make sure that their wives feel loved and respected again. That includes learning how to forgive and pouring out the mercy and forgiveness to their wives when they are in pain and confusion about their marriages.

One of the ways that Christians can go about doing this is by asking for the forgiveness of those who mistreated them during their marriage. By requesting the forgiveness of those who abused them during the marriage, a Christian’s commitment to the sanctity of marriage is strengthened. This will not only ensure the spiritual safety of the Christian’s marriage, but also to guarantee the physical safety of his wife in the future. As a wife who was betrayed by her husband, I know that asking for forgiveness can be hard work, but is necessary if I want to move forward with my faith and remain true to my beliefs.

For many Christians who are having problems with making love and are haunted by the memories of when they were unfaithful, sex before marriage is a serious issue. If you belong to this group of people, I have good news for you. You no longer have to be haunted by your sexual relations before you get married. Thanks to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the church, sex before marriage is no longer considered to be a problem and is a Godly habit that should be embraced by every Christian husband and wife.

It is a fact that many married Christians are starting to realize the problems of having premarital sex, which is why they are seeking advice from leading Christian authors on how to avoid having premarital sex. One of the ways that these books advise Christian couples is by giving them helpful tips on how to create a wonderful Christian marriage. For example, some of these guides include: A Premium Essay on Marriage and Pleasure (by Gary Thomas), Spouses and Prejudice (by Rev Dr Edward Curtiss), and The Art of Giving (by James Dobson). These quality guides offer Christian husbands and wives valuable insights on how to have a happy marriage and build one that is built on trust and intimacy.

Another tip that these experts give is to look into the benefits of having premarital sex and to use this information as a stepping stone in creating an intimacy and commitment-filled marriage. For example, by looking into the benefits of having sex before marriage, you can understand why it could be beneficial to delay having sex until you get married. By doing this, you can ensure that you do not put yourself at any risk or cross any of your partner’s boundaries. Then, you can take the time to explore all the different ways you can build a loving relationship and intimacy between you and your spouse. The most important thing here is that you know you have a choice – you can either use the information provided in the above mentioned Christian sex guides to strengthen your marriage and stop living in fear of your sexuality or you can continue to live in fear of what God thinks of your marriage.

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