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Flirting with your Spouse can be a delicate art. When you first get married, it is normal to flirt a bit with your wife. However, flirting can sometimes seem like harmless fun, but once you marry, it becomes a betrayal to your partner. Flirting often sends a message to the opposite sex that you are open for serious romantic relationship. It also signals to the other individual that you do not share with other people in their life.

First of all, let’s talk about why flirting can actually be negative for a long-term relationship. Flirting can actually turn people off and actually lower the amount of positive energy that they have towards you. Flirting can give the other individual a false impression of what they expect from a relationship. If you have been the recipient of flirting in the past then you know that there can be some nasty underneath it all. Here are the top three reasons that flirting can turn sour if you’re not aware of the dos and don’t.

The number one reason that can cause a marriage to fail is flirting that takes place behind closed doors. If you are having a conversation with your wife about marriage issues and you suddenly lean in towards your husband or start making suggestive remarks you can send a different message than if you were talking with your husband casually. The difference between the two scenarios is that if you are talking with your husband about commitment, giving in to flirting can send a different message than if you were talking about casual interests. If you’re unsure about what you’re doing that can cause all kinds of trouble down the road.

Next you have to stop flirting with your spouse if you want to keep your marriage alive. If you are constantly making out with other guys or you’re showing them pictures of your husband or wife while you’re together then that’s crossing the line. Flirting with other guys will also likely cause jealousy within the marriage. If jealousy is an issue in your marriage then you need to get that under control or you will have a difficult time rebuilding trust with your spouse and your love for each other. Flirting can often be a way to create the illusion of happiness when really it’s a distraction.

If you’ve been married for some time and flirting is a regular thing for you then you should take steps to make sure that your flirtation isn’t going to destroy your marriage. It is perfectly acceptable for couples to have flirtations in their forties, fifties and beyond, but if you continue to have a fling or you flirt with your spouse then you have to ask yourself if it’s worth ruining a marriage over. It’s easy to say that it’s not and to justify your behavior; however, if you find yourself in a situation where your spouse is dealing with a cheating partner, then you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to put your marriage on the line over something that’s not very important. The majority of people would agree that having a fling once in a while isn’t a deal breaker but there are some married people who say that they would have done different things if they knew there was going to be a situation like this.

If you continue to flirt with your husband even if he’s aware that it’s inappropriate, you may find yourself getting into arguments or fighting. When you argue with your husband about flirting then you are saying that flirting is okay but if he continues with his philandering ways then you’re saying that flirting is not okay. Arguing with your husband over flirting is as pointless as yelling at him over a dog. You don’t get home from work and say to yourself, “you’re just being a little jealous because your wife loves the pretty guy over her.” It’s just not logical and it will end up in an argument which will only make things worse between you and your spouse.

If you think that there’s nothing wrong with flirting with your husband then you might want to try a few flirty gift ideas. There’s nothing wrong with a nice romantic gesture like flowers or chocolate. If you two keep the flirting a secret then it won’t seem as threatening as if you let him know about it. You can still playfully flirt with your husband and make it seem as if you’re interested in him.

If you don’t want to try any more than this then you can always just turn a flirtatious smile on and watch him take notice. Flirting can bring out a side of you that many people don’t realize exists. By playing it cool and making sure that all of your energy is professional when flirting with your husband, you’ll be sending out the very positive energy that your significant other will be looking for. This is the type of positive energy that will help to keep things moving in the right direction. Flirting with your husband can really open up a whole new dimension to how you interact with each other and will bring the two of you closer together in a whole new way.

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